Welcome to Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH,
development team.

With over 25 years of experience in machine construction
and more than 40 qualified
employees, we develop efficient
methods to meet your requirements, which lead to
economically lucrative solutions.

Our focal points are:

• Automated sales systems
• Special machine construction
• Image processing systems
• SPS software development
• LabView development
• Application development

All key components are developed in-house, from design to assembly, at Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH.

We offer full support in terms of training and service.

We only work with absolutely reliable,
selected suppliers.In the search for solutions for complex  requirements, we always focus on high
accuracy and adherence to delivery dates.

Mit diesem Know-how entwickeln wir unseren
VPS-ROBERTA in unserem Werk in Süddeutschland.
Alles aus einer Hand!


Our in-house designer
designs your shop
appearance according to your


Our team of engineers
adapts the VPS proven
storage and delivery system to
your needs.


The software department ensures
ensures that the functionality
and user interface meets your specific requirements.


Your VPS Store will be
assembled in-house and extensively tested with your products before delivery.


Our installation team will deliver and set up your VPS in the shortest possible time. This ensures that the end product meets our strict quality standards.


The delivery team can also give training on site, as our technicians are trained in all aspects of our VPS systems.


Here you will find all our current vacancies!